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Candle Color Dye Blocks

Candle Color Dye Blocks


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Candle dye blocks are simple to use and produce vibrant colors in both soy and paraffin wax.

Break them in half or cut into smaller pieces for lighter shades. You can also experiment with adding single dye blocks to different amounts of wax for a variety of custom shades.

1 full block per 2 pounds of soy wax
1 full block per 4 pounds of paraffin wax

Note: The shade shown in the color image is approximate and can vary with amount of dye and type of wax used. Other factors that can impact color when making candles include wax opacity, use of additives such as stearic acid, and fragrance.

Due to the wax consistencies, it is common for paraffin waxes to produce vibrant colors and soy waxes to produce pastel colors. As with all candle making projects, it is recommended to test to achieve desired results.

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