How Northwest Crafts and Decor LLC got started

My name is Amanda, and I am a mother of 2 (13 and 18) and a wife of 23 years to my high school sweetheart. I discovered my passion for crafting during the years of being a stay at home mom. In 2013, I opened up an Etsy shop, Amanda's Woodworks. I continued this business (more like a hobby) for about 7 years while being a stay at home mom.

In 2020, a friend that made very unique vintage type furniture asked if I could help him sell his product. With my passion for handcrafted items and love for helping people I decided to expand and sell the different wares of other local artisans as well, and that's how Northwest Crafts and Decor LLC began its journey.

Even my 13 year old son found an interest in candle making. He enjoyed the science of it. So now we work side by side making a home fragrance line of candles, reed diffusers, tea-lights and wax melts. Which have come to be loved by many.

In my journey to find other wares; I search for unique and authentic products. I love hearing the stories of how each artisan started their journey. The masterpieces are meant to be conversation pieces, have special meaning and be enjoyed in our homes.

By purchasing products on our site, you will be supporting a small business, a family, a person who has great passion in their craftsmanship. You will be helping an artisan live their dream.

Thank you!