50 Cal BMG Bullet Safety Razor

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Made from an actual fired .50 caliber BMG (Browning Machine Gun) case as a handle, this handle takes safety razor blades, a 10 pack of which comes with the razor handle. The razor blade holder is solidly attached and will not come loose or bend. It really does have a satisfying heft and will last a lifetime. The bullet casing handle has been hand polished to a high sheen and given a protective coating so it will stand out and look beautiful on any bathroom counter. A great gift for the guy, military or not, in your life.

Handcrafted in Spokane WA 

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Disclaimer from the maker: All of the bullet and cartridge products are completely inert and safe. They contain no gun powder or live primers. They should not, and in most cases cannot, be reloaded into live ammunition. FMJ bullets have no exposed lead when mounted into a cartridge, however, HP (Hollow point) and SP (Soft Point) bullets can have exposed lead. Please note these products are made from recycled cartridges from ammunition that has been fired so there might be some minor dings or discoloration.  -Boolits and Brew